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Provided by Syl Luhring – Payroll Supervisor, State Accounting (471-1460)



 June 23, 2009



In the last legislative session, a bill was passed to increase the percentage of contribution to the judge’s retirement account by 1% for each contribution plan.  The new rates were to take effect on July 1st.  This includes those who have participated in the retirement plan for over 20 years and are currently not contributing to it. 


Benefits has created new plans to comply with this legislation.  That means the agencies involved must end enrollment in the old plan for the judges and reenroll them in the new plans.  Most, if not all, of the employees involved are paid on a monthly basis so changes to the plans can be made throughout July in time for the payroll certification on July 27th.  But in case there may be a few on the bi-weekly schedule, these changes would have to be made during the B-14 pay period ending on July 5th.