Topics in this issue of Traffic Cones include

·         Open Enrollment Lockout

·         New Tax Tables for ARRA2009

·         Earned Income Tax Credit Adjustments





·       Open Enrollment Data file upload

Similar to the process last fall, the Benefits team will be drawing the database for Open Enrollment.  Please see the HR/Payroll News bulletin sent out last week.  Below is a reminder of lockout dates:


March 28 and March 29, 2009 -AS Employee Benefits will run the Batch Enrollment Process which stops your agency employee’s January 1st through June 30th, 2009 Benefit Plans:   Medical, Dental, Vision, Flex Medical, and Flex Dependent Care”


Agencies can NOT be locked in a payroll starting March 28, 2009 whether you are a bi-weekly or monthly pay cycle agency.  State Accounting will reset your payroll if you are locked in payroll during March 28 and March 29, 2009.  A flash memo will be sent out as soon as this process is complete.


Before starting payroll on Monday, March 30, watch for the flash memo signaling the completion of the process for clearance to  begin your bi-weekly payroll process.  There should not be a problem since the process should be completed over the weekend. 


·       New Tax Tables for ARRA2009

Recently, you received a memo from Paul Carlson regarding The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  The last issue of the Traffic Cone provided a link to the calculation form for use when considering your withholdings.  The goal was to begin withholding at the new rates on April 1st or as soon as the last payrolls were completed for March pay dates.


We have completed the payroll process for March and have set the new tables into place.  All payroll and interim calculations will and should be based off the new tables from now on.  When completing the interims, please use the pay calc sheet entitled Payroll Calculation Form – use After April 1st.


·         Earned Income Tax Credit    

The following excerpt was taken from the March 4th issue of the Payroll Administrators Guide.  Please note that as a result of the ARRA2009. form W-5 (Earned Income Credit Advance Payment Certificate) will not change but the amounts for eligibility do.