RELAX !!!  DON’T PANIC !!!!!

Be nice, remember Santa is watching !!




Along with the year end payrolls being run, there are several other reminders and items that need to be addressed for year end. 


Monthly Payroll – By now most of you running the monthly payroll cycle should be gearing up to process it. Due to the Christmas holidays, the drill for processing monthly payroll will be the same as for Thanksgiving where wage attachment cutoff will be on Thursday (18th) at noon with the certification due on Friday by noon.



B-27 Payroll – The last for 2008

For the Bi-weekly employees, we will again have a tight window in which to process the payroll but you proved that it can be done.  In an attempt to widen the window, we have made a change to the schedule moving the cutoff for wage attachments  back to Friday afternoon at 2:00.  Any mail received up to that point will be processed and information requested from the agency.  By moving the cutoff to Friday, we have widened the window to allow agencies to begin processing payroll as early as Friday afternoon, over the weekend or first thing on Monday morning instead of waiting until noon on Monday for attachments to be applied.  Certification will be due on Tuesday afternoon at 4:00.  Again, we will be working late on Tuesday to run the reports and begin the final update process for payroll completion on Wednesday. 


(On the brighter side, we have implemented a load balancing process to the system in an attempt to speed up processing for both payroll and journals)



December 26th Holiday – It is official, December 26th was declared a Holiday by the President.  Any employee that received approval for vacation on December 26th, will need to make an adjustment and not enter vacation for this day in NIS time entry.  It should be recorded as Holiday pay instead.



 Deduction Free Pay Period – except for those who just converted from the monthly payroll cycle and folks in HHS that had the free cycle last pay cycle, there will be no “voluntary deductions” for premiums taken from the check.  Standard things like the retirement will still be deducted.


Pay cycle B01 for 2009 – Payroll for the calendar year 2008 is complete at the end of this pay cycle (December 21st).  The payroll will be disbursed on the 31st.  The new payroll for calendar year 2009 will begin with the start of the new pay cycle on December 22nd.   Insurance premiums for 2009 will begin during the December 22nd thru January 4th pay period.  Please check your confirmation statements against your January 14, 2009 paystub and call HR with any questions and/or discrepancies immediately.



Leave Rollover for sick leave - If you have employees covered under the State Personnel Classified Rules and Regulations, they have a maximum of 1440 hours of sick leave which they are able to carry over at the end of each calendar year.  Any hours over this limit will be rolled back by State Accounting after the end of the 2008 payroll year, which is December 21, 2008 and before the end of the first pay cycle for 2009, which is January 4th.  If an employee uses any sick leave between December 22nd and December 31st, you will need to adjust the sick leave balance and add back any sick leave hours forfeited. 



Vacation Leave adjustments - The maximum limit of vacation hours allowed for carry over at the end of each calendar year is 280 hours.  You will need to adjust vacation balances accordingly.  If you have an employee with a vacation balance over 280 hours, please keep in mind the following:

·         All vacation hours used through December 31st, will be deducted from your 2008 balance that ended on December 21st.

·         Vacation accruals earned between the period of December 22nd to December 31st will not be added on to your 2008 balance.  They will be added to your 2009 balance and are not factored into the maximum of 280 hours on December 31st.



Addresses for employees - State Accounting will be sending out W-2’s in the near future.  To avoid address problems, please review and verify that all employee address is correct in the NIS system.  It is very important your current address is correct to receive your W-2’s and any other future publications.  Please have the employee use the change of address form located on the HR website and submit it to you by December 31st.




Please have a safe, blessed and

Merry Christmas

and a very

Happy New Year !!!!!