American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

(ARRA 2009)





Last week, Paul Carlson sent out a memo to all agencies outlining the effects of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 on payroll and withholding of taxes.  In turn, you were asked to forward the memo to all of your employees


In order for your employees to see what effect the change in federal tax withholding tables will have on the amount of federal income taxes withheld, State Accounting has provided the following link to the form and instructions for using the pay calculation form.


                                    Payroll Calculation - ARRA 2009 Instruction


It is the same form you use when creating an Interim.  Please familiarize yourself with the form and its functionality in order to answer questions as they arise. 


Please pass this link on to your entire staff for use in reviewing their tax withholding levels for 2009.



A key piece of information needed by the employee is the current number of exemptions from the W-4 form.  This information is not readily available in NIS for the employee’s viewing.  If they do not know the number, they may call your office for the information.  There is a report in NIS that lists everyone’s number of exemptions.  It is found under the Inquiries & Reports menu in NIS > HR/P Payroll Reports > Payroll Reports > Employee W-4 Information.  When selected, you will see a “Version Prompting” screen.  Click the submit icon advancing to the second screen “Processing Options”.  Leave all of the fields blank and select “OK”.  The security feature associated with your login will limit the report to only your agency.  If you want the report broken down by HBU or SBU, enter the information into the respective field.