·        Post voided batches promptly

The void process is not complete until the voided batch is approved and posted. The voided amounts will not appear on most reports until the batch is posted, and differences in asset and liability balances may appear between different inquiry screens until the batch is posted.

·        Review unposted batches periodically

Review, investigate, and post or delete unposted batches. Delete batches that have prior month’s GL dates (these batches will not post after the month has closed). We recommend that someone in each agency have batch management authority over all users in the agency in order to review unposted batches.

·        Post “O” batches before creating vouchers

Purchase Order Receipt batches (type O) need to be posted before creating a voucher to pay the vendor. The budget checking process takes place when the PO Receipt is posted. Any errors that take place during this process need to be corrected before creating a voucher. It is also a much easier process to make corrections before a voucher is created. All “O” batches must be investigated and posted or reversed before a month is closed.  Reversing receipts procedure.  The Agencies are responsible for resolving issues and posting batches, if for some reason the batches have not  been posted State Accounting will post the current O Batches at 5:00 PM on the last working day of the month.  If the batch will not post, State Accounting will process a reversal batch.  No notice will be sent out and no post reports will be emailed to the agency.

·        Be aware of GL Dates when creating documents

Agencies should be aware of their posting process when entering GL dates during document preparation. The GL date should usually approximate the date the batch will be posted. This is especially important at the end of a month, and applies to PO Receipt batches (type O) as well. If an agency’s normal preaudit process takes 3 days before posting, a GL date for the next month should be used 3 days before the end of a month.

·        Follow up on IB batches to see that they post

Approved IB (Invoice Batches) batches will post on a regularly scheduled job. Sometimes the batches will have an error in posting. Errors should be corrected before cash is settled against the invoice, as it is a much easier process before cash settlement. Refer to the Budget Failure Manual for correcting errors.

·        Review Unposted Fixed Assets

On a monthly basis, run the F/A No Cost Integrity, Business Unit-Fund Integrity, Item Code-Object Code Integrity and the Unposted Fixed Asset Transactions reports. Post or pass on fixed asset transactions to ensure that fixed assets and depreciation expense will be accurate on the State’s financial statements. Follow the work instructions on the NIS Training Manual site under Fixed Assets – Lesson Six to run the reports and to post or pass on fixed asset transactions.


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