Execution Control


Purpose:To document how Execution Control can be used to segregate duties


Execution Control is another level of security within NIS.Only the IDís of those userís the agency has identified as being able to process the agency payroll should be set up within Execution Control.In addition to agency personnel, IDís of userís from the State Accounting Payroll area will also be entered.If you have a question about a user ID, please contact State Accounting.


State Accounting recommends that agencies review the Execution Control application every six months to ensure the correct user IDís are entered.Updates to this application are made by contacting State Accounting.Indicate the user ID to be added or removed from Execution Control.In order to be set up in Execution Control, a user will need a functional role of AB14 or AB15 and HR 21 or HR 22.


The path to view this application is Payroll>Payroll Processing>Pay Cycle Workbench.A user with a matrix code of HR10, 21, 22, 41, 42, 50, 52, 53, 63, 65 may view this application.


In the field for Payroll ID enter your two digit agency number followed by an asterisk (example:78*) and also enter an asterisk in the User ID field.Click on Find.Your agency payroll ID should appear.






Select the box next to the payroll ID that you want to review and go to Row>Execution Control.




In the top section of the application Ė Payroll Cycle Steps - the rows that agencies need to assign user IDís to are:Pre Payroll, Create J.E.ís, Reports Only.The other rows are for State Accounting IDís only.


In the bottom section of the application - Reset Options - agency staff should be assigned to the row Payroll ID.The other rows are for State Accounting IDís only.


It does not matter which field within the row the user ID is entered.


Pre Payroll Ė User IDís in this row can run your agencyís payroll.This process is started after all employee time cards have been entered.


Create JEís Ė User IDís in this row can create the JE which will be used by State Accounting to post your agencyís payroll.


Reports Only Ė User IDís in this row can run payroll reports


Payroll ID Ė User IDís in this row can reset your agency payroll.This action will allow the user shown in the Pre Payroll row to run payroll again.


Agency User IDís can be entered in each agency row, or agencyís may use Execution Control to segregate duties.For example, one user might process the payroll, a second user would do a review and then create the JEís.A third user might be set up in Payroll ID as a control to review any incorrect entries and help in determining what the correct entry should be.


Questions on Execution Control should be directed to this link.