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Subject: Auto Deposit for Employee Reimbursements New Policy Correction & Clarifications


DATE: Mon 2/11/2008 10:58 AM


This memo has a few corrections and clarifications from the original memo which was sent December 19th, 2007.


In the Employee Information [Automatic Bank Deposit Instructions] window, the agency HR person will enter the new banking instructions for payroll and then enter the following for the banking instructions for expense





Pay Start Date The date the bank info for expense reimbursements are entered on the Employee Information [Automatic Bank Deposit Instructions] screen (current date).


Pay Stop Date Must enter a date identical to the Pay Start Date (current date). If this date is not entered, the payroll bank account info may be reflected incorrectly in the ESS Auto Deposit distributions screen.


Bank Account number


Bank Trnst No (Bank Routing number)


MC (Method Code) Enter E for Expense Reimbursement


Tr Cd (Transaction Code) Type 22 for checking or type 32 for savings







On a daily basis, the State Accounting Address Book section will then process all new Auto Deposit banking instructions entered by agency HR personnel (based on the Pay Start Date) and will update the Accounts Payable side of NIS with the banking info for employee expense reimbursements.


With this new procedure, the agency HR personnel will know what banking instructions, if any, have been entered for expense reimbursements by State Accounting.


We will not be going back and updating for existing banking instructions for expense reimbursements in the Employee Information [Automatic Bank Deposit Instructions] window. If you want this to be current for all employees, you will need to review the existing employees Direct Deposit Agreement forms on file and update the banking instructions window for expense reimbursements using the current date as the Pay Start Date.


If you have questions, please contact Dee Ward @ 402-471-0603 or send an email to