To:                   Payroll and Financial Contacts

From:              Dee Ward

Sent:               Thu 8/27/2009          10:23 AM


Subject:         Direct Deposit of Wages and Expense Re-imbursement Documents for Board and Committee Members



Dear User,


Due to the numerous questions relating to the required Direct Deposit Agreement forms for the auto deposit bank account information for Board and Committee Members expense reimbursements, we have prepared the following information:  


The Direct Deposit Agreement form will be accepted.  We will require that a copy of a voided check be sent along with the form.  This will ensure that we set up the correct routing and account number for these Board and Committee Members.  


Agency personnel will be responsible for correcting any incorrect bank account information when the Federal Reserve sends State Accounting the Notice of Change (NOC) requests due to incorrect banking information.  Copies will be sent to the Agency from State Accounting when received from the Federal Reserve.


If Agencies have Board and Committee Members set up as Payment (PP search type) records, we will need Address Book change requests sent in though the HTML middleware address book request for changing the Payment (PP search type) records to Non-Employee (N search type) records.  


As noted in a separate "Traffic Cone" payroll memo being sent out from State Accounting, we are still working our way through the issue of having employees such as Board and Committee Members set up as search type N or PP and are extending that goal of set up to December 31.


If you have questions, please contact Dee Ward @ 402-471-0603 or send an email to