To:                   NIS Flash Contacts (HR_Payroll)

From:              Paul Carlson

Date:               06/13/2005 03:45 PM


Subject:          Leave Balances       


There appears to be confusion about agencies correcting leave balances in NIS.  When making adjustments, please follow the guidelines set out in the State Accounting manual, Policy # 30, titled "Payroll Adjustments to Leave Balances."  This policy tells how to correct Prior Year balances, and how to make adjustments to current year balances.


On June 1, 2005, an email was sent to all Agencies, Board, and Commissions with the subject line Year End Balance of Vacation Leave, indicating some employees are carrying more leave than allowed by State Statute, Classified System Personnel Rules and Regulations, and Labor Contract provisions.  Each agency is responsible for correcting these overstated balances. 


These adjustments are the agency's responsibility.  The only time an agency should be requesting State Accounting or the NIS team to make leave adjustments is when an employee changes leave plans during the calendar year. 


If you have additional questions, please let me know.