TO:                  All State Agencies [DASACC Financial Contacts]

FROM:           Paul Carlson, State Accounting Administrator

DATE:                        Wednesday 2/18/2009      3:32 PM

SUBJECT:     Updated W-9 Memo


On June 17, 2005 a memo was sent to all agencies, notifying them that Form W-9’s were required for Address Book addition and change requests’.  This memo restates that requirement.  Please review this memo and ensure all your staff understands its importance.



Due to the importance of 1099 reporting, agencies should enter all of the vendor information in the Address Book HTML request form, but the request will be placed on temporary hold until the completed Form W-9 is sent to State Accounting via email, fax or interagency mail.


The Form W-9 is an IRS form entitled Request for Taxpayer Identification Number & Certification.  This form will ensure that we set up the vendor business name, Tax ID number and the Tax Entity Code field correctly in the NIS address book for 1099 reporting.  The business address on the Form W-9 is usually the vendor’s home or corporate address and should not be confused with the ‘remit to’ address that is on the vendor’s invoice or paperwork.  Agency personnel are responsible for making sure that correct ‘remit to’ and ‘purchase order’ mailing address information is sent in all HTML middleware Address Book request submissions for vendor (V) and payable (PP) search type records.  


  1.  Foreign vendors (those that have mailing addresses outside of the United States) are exempt from completing the Form W-9.  We use the word “foreign” in the Tax ID field for all foreign vendors that do not have a Federal Tax Identification Number.  If this vendor should send you a Form W-8 (Foreign Vendor Certification), send this just like a Form W-9.
  2. This will only apply to the following search types
    1. PP – payable record
    2. V – vendor (purchasing) record



Social Security numbers will be required on all new additions of a “person” to the NIS Address Book.  We will not require a Form W-9 unless a person is operating a business under their Social Security Number.


As always, we understand that there will be emergency situations that require an Address Book record be established immediately; in those specific circumstances your agency representative will need to contact Dee Ward or Elita Reed: