To:              All State Agencies  [NIS Flash Contacts (All)]

From:           Paul Carlson, Director State Accounting


Date:           06/17/2005 08:23 AM


Subject:        Changes to Adding Address Book Records


Effective June 20, 2005 there will be major changes in how vendors and individuals are added to the NIS Address Book.



State Accounting will require a W-9 form to be submitted in advance of a vendor being added to the NIS Address Book. 


Due to the importance of 1099 reporting and certain Federal Government reporting requirements, vendors classified as Minority/Woman/Disabled (MWD) owned will be required to submit their classification on the MWD form to DAS Materiel via email, fax or regular mail.  The MWD form is located on the State Purchasing website,


All MWD classification information currently in NIS and Automated Purchasing System will be purged and updated based on the data returned from vendors. 


The agency may still enter all of the vendor information in the Address Book HTML request form, but the request will be placed on temporary hold until the completed W-9 form is returned to State Accounting via email, fax or regular mail.


  1. Foreign vendors (those that have mailing addresses outside of the United States) are exempt from completing the W-9 form; they will still need to complete the MWD form if applicable.  We will begin using the word “foreign” in the Tax ID field for all foreign vendors that do not have a Federal Tax Identification Number.
  2. This will only apply to the following search types
    1. PP – payees
    2. V – Vendors



Social Security numbers will be required on all new additions of a “person” to the NIS Address Book.


As always, we understand that there will be emergency situations that require a vendor to be established immediately; in those specific circumstances your agency representative will need to contact Dee Ward or Todd Shield.  or Elita Reed at and use subject of W-9.



06/17/2005 09:55 AM


Follow Up to the above:


The " Individuals" outlined in the previous memo (Changes to Adding Address Book Records, dated 6/17/05) refer to State Employees and individual vendors (i.e. individually owned businesses or small businesses).  This does not include a State Employee's dependents/beneficiaries.  Please refer to the Human Resources Work Instructions: Enrolling a Dependent/Beneficiary for more information on adding Address Book Records for Dependents/Beneficiaries.


Thank you.