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Workers' Compensation

Effective Date 5/23/08


State Accounting receives all workers' compensation checks for the State of Nebraska.  They are receipted into EnterpriseOne (account number 76550.139904) and a copy of the information is sent to the corresponding agency.  When the agency receives this documentation they need to do the following to move the cash in E1 into their Fund:


Accounting >> Manage Journal Entries >> Enter Manual Journal Entries >> Journal Entries with Debit/Credit Format

  • Click Add
  • Write down the Batch Number
  • Doc Type = JE
  • G/L Date = (today’s date)
  • Explanation = (who the money is for)

On the first row of the grid below:

  • Account Number = 76550.139904 (this should match supporting documentation sent)
    • This is the account that the cash is being transferred out of.
  • Debit Amount = (amount you are moving out for the supporting documentation)
  • Remark = (same as the explanation above)

On the next rows of the grid:

  • Account Number = (the Agency business units and object accounts where the money should go)
    • Your Account Number is used so the actual cash in E1 is transferred to your Fund’s cash account.
  • Credit Amount = (these amounts should total the first row Debit Amount)
  • Remark = same as explanation above)
  • Click OK
  • Click Cancel
  • Have the correct person in your office Approve & Post this Batch Number
  • File the supporting documentation in the appropriate place.