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Deduction, Benefits, Accrual Codes
Vendor Establishment Policies

Effective Date 2/16/04


DESCRIPTION:   Department of Administrative Services-Accounting Division requirements for establishing new vendor for DBA (Deductions, Benefits and Accrual) codes within the system.                                  


1.   A letter of request must be submitted by the organization to the State Accounting Administrator for assignment of a vendor code number.  The request must state the nature of the service(s) being provided to State employees.                         

2.   Generally, a minimum of 100 State employees who are participating in the organization's plan must request payroll deduction before a code number will be assigned for the organization.  The letter of request must identify the employees currently participating in the plan who are requesting payroll deduction.

3.   Plans or activities that are deemed to be competing with State sponsored plans or activities will not be allowed.  These plans or activities are to be coordinated with DAS State Personnel which periodically issues requests for proposals in conjunction with State sponsored employee benefit plans.  Under special circumstances the minimum may be waived by State Accounting.

4.   The organization (vendor) must abide by the State's policies on vendor solicitation and promotional activities or be subject to withdrawal from the payroll deduction system by the State Accounting Administrator.

5.   If the number of State employees participating in an organization's plan drops below 100, the organization is subject to removal as a vendor.

6.   The requesting organization must agree to accept payment via the existing payroll deduction system.  Only the standard method of payment and enclosure (reporting) is available to vendors.  No special reports will be provided to any vendor.  

7.   The Department of Administrative Services will not accept billings from the organization and is not responsible for over/under deductions due to obsolete or inaccurate deduction amounts established in EnterpriseOne.   The organization is responsible for providing employees with current information concerning deduction amounts.