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Interim Payroll Instructions

How to Complete and Attach an Interim Worksheet to an Email.

Effective Date: 11/14/13


Open the Interim Worksheet in Excel format.

Section A:
  • Employee Name
  • Current Date
  • Employee Address Book Number
  • Gross Amount to be Paid
Section B:
  • Enter correct agency BU and object code
  • Enter correct Pay Type for each BU
  • Enter the number of hours for each Pay Type
  • Enter the lump sum amount for each Pay Type
Section C:
  • Enter YES or NO for the question Process All Deductions
  • List the Employee DBA’s and the dollar amount - be sure to include the DBA’s for the employee and employer.
  • Detailed Reason for Interim is a very critical field!  This explanation should be detailed enough so that State Accounting understands why this interim is necessary.
  • Authorization - Type in the name of the person who is authorized to do emergency payroll checks.
Save Document  
  1. Click File>Save As and then identify the location where you wish to save the document.  Give each document you save a unique name; this might include the employee's name in the title of the document for easy future reference.
  2. Open a new email note and write any accompanying comments.
  3. Go to the toolbar on your email - Click File>Attach, find the location where you saved the document, double click on the file to be attached.  The document should appear in your email note.
  4. Repeat these instructions to attach any other supporting documentation, such as an interim payroll calculation worksheet. 
  5. Send this email and attachment(s) to .  Use the subject line Interim Payroll.