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Accounting Questions

How do I know what the current mileage rate is?
View Mileage rates

How do I know which state agency paid me?
Email your question to The words Accounts Payable Inquiries should appear in the subject line. Supply the warrant number or ACH information, date and as much information as you have. Be sure to give us your business name and location.

How do I look up payments to a specific vendor?  
Follow these instructions.

What do I need to check before I inactivate a business unit?
Review the Inactivating Business Units Checklist page.

What tasks need to be done before the month end closing?
See the check list the month end closing 

How do I know what object code to use?
Chart of Accounts

How do I know how much I can spend for meals when traveling overnight?

State Statute 81-1174 (link) says that State employees will be reimbursed for actual expenses incurred.  Therefore, State Accounting cannot place restrictions on the dollar amount employees can spend for meals, but it is expected that the expense incurred is reasonable.  To help Agencies determine what is reasonable, we recommend that they review the meal allowances published by the U.S. General Services Administration which can be found at GSA meal guidelines.  (The Federal maximum per diem standard rates are only a guideline and should not be claimed.)  There should be no alcoholic beverages included in the reimbursable amount.

Agencies are not required to restrict employees to a specific allowance for breakfast, lunch and dinner, nor to a specific allowance per day unless they choose to do so. Example: an agency has a travel policy that states they expect employee’s expenses to be reasonable for the city to which they are traveling. An employee leaves on Monday at 6:00 a.m. for overnight travel to a city where the GSA guideline is $55.00 per day for meals and incidentals. On Monday, the employee skips breakfast, and eats lunch and dinner and the total cost for the day is $40. On Tuesday, the employee eats breakfast, lunch and dinner and the total cost for the day is $60.00. On Wednesday the total cost is $75.00 and on Thursday (employee flies home) the total cost is $25.00 for the day (returns before dinner). The total expense for the entire trip for meals and incidentals is $200.00. Agencies may consider this as reasonable for the four day trip because the total for the entire trip is reasonable when compared to the GSA guidelines of $192.50 (GSA allows 75% of the per diem on travel days: $55 * 75% = $41.25; Day 1 = $41.25; Days 2 & 3 = $55.00; Day 4 = $41.25 for a total of $192.50).

In processing a payment for a purchase order, at what point does the cash transfer out of the fund? 

  • When the purchase order is created?
  • When the agency receives on the purchase order?
  • When the payment voucher is approved and posted?
  • Or when the funds actually transfer from the State of Nebraska into the recipient bank account?

Answer: None of the above. Item 4 is the closest.     
It is actually when the payment process is done by State Accounting. Usually 1-2 days before the payment is received by the entity [It is based on the due date].

How do I know if an agency has paid an IBT that we sent to them?

  • In Accounts Receivable > Inquires & Reports >   A/R Inquiries > Customer Ledger Inquiry enter your document number.
  • Click Find
  • If there is an amount in the Open Amount field the document has not been paid to your agency.
  • If there is no amount in the Open Amount field check the Date Closed field.  That is the date the money transferred to your agency.
Archiving Questions

EnterpriseOne Archive Project: Frequently Asked Questions

Grant Questions

Are there any tools to assist us in managing our grant?  
Grant Tool Kits

Payroll Questions

I’ve lost my W-2 and need a duplicate, who do I contact?
Send an email and include: 1) the employee name, 2) EnterpriseOne address book number, 3) the year the W-2 is for. The reprinted W-2 will be forwarded to the Agency to be sent to the employee – Agency please verify that the address in EnterpriseOne is correct before forwarding to the employee. It normally takes 2-3 days.

How do I know how many periods in the calendar year or the fiscal year?
Periods in year

Procurement Questions

How to Look at the Status of a Purchase Order

How to Run an Open Purchase Order Report

How to Cancel Lines on a Purchase Order

Tips & Tricks

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