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For visually impaired employees working in EnterpriseOne we have found having the JAWS script provided by Oracle installed resolves the issues. This special script was written by Oracle for EnterpriseOne to interact with the screen reader software (JAWS).

In order for the script and JAWS to work, someone on the IT Team will need to install the JAWS script on the users workstation, verify the internet settings to make sure they are correct and delete the temporary internet files, cookies, history and uncheck preserve favorites website data.

The 9.1 JAWS script for EnterpriseOne is included in the attachments along with EnterpriseOne System Requirements & Internet Options. Once the JAWS script is installed and Internet Explorer is all set, someone from our team will turn on the required flag for low interactivity on the employee profile in EnterpriseOne in order for it to all work together. The last attachment is for the end user and includes tips on how to navigate through EnterpriseOne with JAWS and the script installed. We are working on setting up a webpage with this specific information. In the meantime you can refer to our 9.1 Updates page for other helpful information.

If you need further assistance please contact the OCIO Help Desk at 402-471-4636.